Investment Strategy

Since 2016, Impact Venture Capital has sought out, invested in, and guided bold founders that build enduring iconic companies.

In this effort, we have worked closely with our corporate venture partners to accelerate time to market and time to exit for these founders.

Impact Venture Capital has built powerful relationships with Corporate Venture investors. We work hard to understand what they invest in; we identify amazing startups that meet these criteria and invest earlier than they usually can; and we aggressively prepare these founders for future syndication. Essentially, we offer up worldclass deals to our CVC partners because we help worldclass founders become worldclass investments.

And to the great founders we aspire to work with, please know that we do everything in our power to deliver maximum impact when your company needs it most. Because this includes introductions to our corporate network, you might find yourself working (very early!) with partners that have a strategic interest in the problems you’re solving, that have the ability to become keystone customers, and that one day might be an interested acquirer.

Impact’s Corporate Advantage

We at Impact Venture Capital have worked diligently over the years to harvest and nurture hundreds of relationships with corporates and their corporate venture capital (CVC) arms. This has allowed Impact Venture Capital to create deep relationships with our corporate partners while upgrading our own investing IQ. For our Limited Partners, know that this diligence has created an unfair advantage for our portfolio companies, shortened our exit horizons, expanded our roster of strategically aligned co-investors (and created additional co-investment opportunities for you), and expanded our industry insight.

By taking this approach we are able to deliver impact to our companies, co-investors, and limited partners. This is Impact Venture Capital’s corporate advantage, and what makes us truly unique!

What we invest in, what we look for, and what to expect

We are an early-stage firm that invests in artificial intelligence startups targeting the DeepTech, Enterprise/SaaS, Infrastructure, and Consumer spaces. We lead and co-lead seed-stage investments. Then we roll up our sleeves to get founders to Series A. We help founders in four key areas: product-market fit, go-to-market strategy, recruiting, and fundraising. We love seasoned, successful entrepreneurs but we are equally enthusiastic about first-time founders that have something to prove. We love it when founders have a chip on their shoulders and a fire in their bellies!

Because we invest early, we put a massive emphasis on the quality of the team. We are looking for founders that are great operators. They’re ambitious, competitive, gritty, and passionate. They’re also empathetic, ethical, and humble. They listen well, take prudent risks, and have wicked senses of humor :) We believe that in order to win, these traits are not just “nice to have”, but are paramount!

Our check sizes range from $250K to $1M for an initial investment. We will often make follow-on investments in companies that show product market fit, rapid growth, and the potential to have outsized returns. We work feverishly to try to get all of our companies to these benchmarks. We are not a “set and forget “ firm. We roll our sleeves up and take great pride in building the company with you. We have a deep bench of Venture Advisors with extremely diverse backgrounds ready to be called into action at any time.

Got A Big Idea?

Tell us more about your project.

We receive a lot of pitch decks, so it may take us a little while to get back to you if we think that there might be a fit. We hope to see you soon!